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Men's Pelvic Health

Active Senior

Physiotherapy for Men's Health

Men’s health physiotherapy is a specialism that deals with male pelvic pain and pelvic organ dysfunction. 


All of my clients will recieve a thorough confidential assessment. I will provide a safe and caring environment for you and take the time to listen to your issues and to understand your condition. My skills in Pelvic Health, Health Mentoring and Exercise Therapy will enable us to design an individual treatment plan aligned with your personal rehabilitation goals.

Problems affecting the pelvic floor can affect men of any age and fitness level and it is important for men to know that there is help available for them.

What conditions can be treated?

A Men’s Health Physiotherapist can treat you for urinary and bowel dysfunction and pelvic pain as well as prehab preparation for, and rehabilitation following, prostate surgery. Contact me on

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