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Postnatal MOT

Postnatal MOT

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A postnatal MOT from a specialist Pelvic Physio is a must postnatally.  This is available to you from 6 weeks post natal and beyond. We take the time to talk through your birth experience and any challenges you are facing postnatally.  I will assess and treat  your posture and movement, divarication or diastasis recti (tummy muscle separation), pelvic pain, third and fourth degree tears or episiotomy, recovery from C-section and help to manage pelvic organ prolapse or POP, and any issues with bowel or bladder postnatally.

I can create a programme to help you to connect and  regain your confidence in your body through a bespoke postnatal programme or if you wish to work in a group through the Holistic Core Restore EveryWoman (R) Programme (EVERYWOMAN Programme | InvictusPelvicHealth)

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